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The Fund

The Hedge Fund: Vailshire Partners, LP

A physician-managed, healthcare and technology-focused hedge fund based in Colorado Springs, CO.

Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Vailshire Partners, LP is a long-short hedge fund that specializes in medical device, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, genetic and other healthcare investments. The fund benefits from the unique insights and cutting-edge strategies of Dr. Jeffrey W. Ross–Vailshire’s founder, managing director, and former award-winning physician.

The fund also focuses on leading disruptive technology companies that actively enhance and improve our lives in the Internet Age.

Using careful and diverse analysis, Vailshire Partners, LP seeks to deploy capital across select long-term investment opportunities that will prosper our partners over the ensuing years and decades.  We strive to outperform traditional market indices in good times, while staunchly preserving capital during the inevitable difficult periods.

Our fund will occasionally sell covered call and naked put options on underlying equities.  This conservative options approach often results in a lower cost basis of equities, and simultaneously adds instant, dividend-like income to the fund.

While the fund generally seeks to be fully invested, a ready pool of liquidity will be intermittently utilized to take advantage of “fire sale” prices on high-quality assets during market downturns.

Losses will be limited and winners will be allowed to generously accumulate using unemotional trailing stops via state of the art software.

Lockup period: 12 months.

Fees will be extremely competitive for the long-term benefit of our Qualified Clients.  Please contact Dr. Jeffrey W. Ross directly to discuss.

Initial Investment: $1 million (minimum) for Qualified Clients* as well as family offices, foundations, endowments, and fund of funds.

*Generally, Qualified Clients are persons or companies that have either at least $1 million under management with the General Partner immediately after investing, or have a net worth at the time of investing in excess of $2.1 million, excluding the value of a primary residence.


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