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Investment Services

Investment Services

Vailshire Capital Management, LLC, is pleased to offer professional investment services for individuals, small businesses, non-profits, joint accounts, family offices, endowments and institutions. Vailshire seeks to maximize its clients’ profits while reducing risk, with a focus on macroeconomic events and compounding returns over a long-term investment horizon.

Both the flagship fund (Vailshire Partners, LP) and separately managed accounts will employ a two-pronged approach of:

  1. Acquiring a core of diversified, under-appreciated investments across multiple asset classes; and,
  2. Regularly selling covered call and naked put options* on equities to benefit from market volatility by increasing current income and softening market downturns.

*(Note that options strategies will be limited for smaller account balances.)

Vailshire utilizes Interactive Brokers (IB) for its low-cost investment services. Through IB, the following account types may be managed:

  • Regular brokerage accounts
  • Traditional IRA
  • Roth IRA
  • Rollover IRA


Up to $1 million: 1% annual management fee
$1 to $2 million: 0.9%
$2 to $3 million: 0.8%
$3 to $4 million: 0.7%
$4 to $5 million: 0.6%
Over $5 million: 0.5%


Initial Investment: $100,000 (minimum deposit).

Clients need not be Accredited Investors to utilize Vailshire’s professional account management services.  For more information about Vailshire’s premier, low-fee fund: Vailshire Partners, LP, please click here.